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2.0 RC1

Beta version for Firefox 2.0 is already available



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Mozilla Firefox is Mozilla's step in the right direction to develop better browsers.

If you have had previous contact with previous versions of Firefox you have certainly seen the exceptional features of this simple browser.

In a continuing effort by its developers to better their product, the new version 2.0 of Mozilla Firefox has appeared. This new display offers all the features of previous versions and improvements in some aspects in relation to speed, compatibility and efficiency when displaying results.

Mozilla Firefox offers improved tabbed browsing in the history and system extensions.

New System of Extensons
-Possiblity of reordering windows by dragging and jumping them so that you improve their abilities.
-Optimized Charging Time
-Better blocking of pop-ups
-New anti.phissing filter
-Restaurations of browser after an unexpecting closing of it.

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